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Thank you Citty! by Link0227
Thank you Citty!
Uh sorry, Clarice stole Alyssa's does it even fit here?! 
Thank you for… , and since you drew that while you were super sleepy I drew this when I had to poop! :D
Clarice: The top doesn't go well with my flat-chestness, and I'm not used to pants, but hey! I look good in anything!
Outfit belongs to: :iconmrscitty:
Malchut by Link0227
Gyah!! I love her/him/it! Malchut is from Zektbach's songs, Turii Panta Rhei and Raison d'etre. :D
Moar dancing by Link0227
Moar dancing
I was listening to a cockatiel singing the Totoro theme song while drawing this, so I had a really stupid grin. XD
Title by Link0227
Couldn't think of a good title. But hey, she's dancing!


Hi im Alice and im about to say random things about myself.
I am blond.
My fave color is green.
Im a hugaholic!!!! I really love hugs!!!! So hug me all you want!!!! (I'll also probably hug you randomly)
I love Legend of Zelda.
I love Link (not in the crush way)
I'm a girl.
My eye color is brown.
I love anime!
I ship:
My icon was made by :iconsonicxgal2546:
Profile pic made with:…
I'm taking requests!!!!
And that is about it. :D

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~People I know In Real Life~
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Use one or more of your OCs, maybe even add yourself if you please to take this interview test.

(More of less people can be added or changed)

1. Umeko
2. Taiki

And here goes the questions:

-A. How old are you?
Umeko: 15!
Taiki: Same. We're twins.
Umeko: Except Taiki is older than me by 3 minutes! :)

-B. Do you want a hug?
Umeko: Sure! :D
Taiki: Don't try anything weird.

-C. Have any bad habits?
Umeko: I misplace things alot. ^^;
Taiki: I get myself in stupid situations.  ^^;
Umeko: It's how you got the scar on your nose!
Taiki: ANYWAY!

-D. You a virgin?
Taiki & Umeko: YES!

-E. Have any kids?
Umeko: Someday I will! :D
Taiki: NEVER.

-F. Favorite food or drink?
Umeko: I love plums! :heart:
Taiki: Give me a beef bowl and I'll be happy. :)

-G. Killed anyone?

Umeko: No! :o
Taiki: Almost killed myself, but not anyone else. ^^;

-H. What is your idea of a date?
Umeko: Going to a restaurant and talking! :D
Taiki: Uhh...I've never thought about it. ^^;

-I. Any artistic talents?
Umeko: I doodle sometimes, but I'm not very good. ^^;
Taiki: Same. 

-J. Love anyone?
Umeko: I love Taiki!
Taiki: They mean romantically Umeko. ^^;
Umeko: Well then no. ^^;
Taiki: Same here. But I love you too Umeko. :)
Umeko: :meow:

-K. What is your job

Taiki: Getting in trouble
Umeko: Yelling at him when he does something stupid.

-L Favorite season & least favorite season
Umeko: I love spring!
Taiki: I love summer. 

-M. Who's your best friend?
Umeko: Taiki! :)
Taiki: Umeko. :)

-N. Hobbies?
.Umeko: I love to sing, and cook.
Taiki: She's really good at it too!
Umeko: Thank you! :meow:

-O. What are you going to do when this tag is over?
Umeko: Maybe ask Taiki to get the ripest plums on the tree?
Taiki: .......
Umeko: You don't have to. ^^
Taiki: Fine...

-P. What is your eye color?
Umeko: Red.
Taiki: Brown! :meow:

-Q. Are you good? Or bad?
Umeko: Good. :)
Taiki: But what is good or bad? :
Umeko: Taiki.
Taiki: I'm good.

-R. If you could get anything right now what would it be?
Umeko: A plum! :D
Taiki: Always. She's obsessed.
Umeko: They're really good!

-T. Does your name have a special meaning?
Umeko: My name means plum child. :)
I don't know what mine means.

-V. Any siblings?
Umeko: *looks at Taiki*
Taiki: ......really?

-W. Where do you live?
Taiki: Why do you wanna know? :iconsuspiciousplz:

-X. Do you find yourself attractive?
Umeko: Do you think I am?
Taiki: I'm the handsomest of them all! :D

-Y. Was this fun?
Umeko: Yes!
Taiki: ......
-Z. Any last words?
Umeko: U-uh thank you for the interview! *bows*
Taiki: You don't need to be formal. ^^;
Umeko: ^^;

  • Mood: Hungry
  • Listening to: Pink Floyd- The Wall
  • Reading: Avatar Last Airbender- Lost Adventures
  • Watching: Avatar the Last Airbender
  • Playing: Aura Kingdom
  • Eating: Chicken and mashed potatoes
  • Drinking: Tea

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